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Electrical Equipment ProtectionUsing Direct Low Pressure Systems

Clean agent based fire suppression system,
FM-200 gas fire suppression system,
HFC227ea Gas fire suppression system,
Novec-1230 gas fire suppression system,
FK-5-1-12 Gas fire suppression system,
CO2 Gas fire suppression system,
Kitchen Fire suppression system,
Vehicle Fire suppression system.

Inert Gas Fire Suppression System

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Product Brochure
Typefire suppression system
CapacityAs per NFPA 2001 design
System typeClean Agent Suppression System
Packaging TypeSTANDARD
Fire Extinguisher TypeClean agent - Novec-1230, FK-5112, FM-200, HFC227EA
BrandFire Trace/ SEVO/ FET
MaterialCarbon Steel
Environment Temp100
Fire Suppression TypePipeline, Fire Extinguisher, Cylinder


Not all fire suppression systems use gas to put out fires, but many do. Unlike water, powder, or foam fire suppression systems, gas suppression systems can put out fires without damaging equipment. Some gaseous fire suppression systems do not require any clean up at all after they put out a fire.
There are several different kinds of gases that can be used to suppress a fire. Some of the most common gases used in fire suppression systems are:
Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Clean agents, including HFC-227ea (FM200) and FK-5-1-12 (Novec 1230)
Inert Gases, including Inergen
We will discuss the properties, advantages, and disadvantages of each type of gaseous fire suppression system.

Chemical Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Both HFC-227ea and FK-5-1-12 are types of chemicals used in clean agent fire suppression systems. Clean agents are commonly used to suppress fires in machinery and electrical equipment, because they do not damage components. Clean agents can also be used to protect occupied spaces, such as electrical rooms, because they are safe for people.
HFC-227ea is one type of clean agent. The original manufacturer of HFC-227ea is ChemoursTM, who sell the chemical under the brand name FM-200TM. This clean agent functions by removing heat, which puts out a fire. HFC-227ea can also disrupt free radicals, which can help extinguish a fire by interfering with key chemical reactions.
HFC-227ea is a heptaflouropropane, which is a type of heptaflourocarbon (HFC). Although there are some environmental concerns with HFC’s, fire suppression systems are largely exempt from legislation that bans the use of HFC’s. That’s because fire suppression systems only contain a small amount of HFC’s and do not discharge them into the atmosphere frequently enough to cause significant environmental harm.


FK-5-1-12 is another type of clean agent. The original manufactuer of FK-5-1-12 is 3MTM, who sell the chemical under the brand name NovecTM 1230. Until 2020, 3MTM had patent on FK-5-1-12, but the patent expires on July 31, 2020. Like HFC-227ea, FK-5-1-12 suppresses fires by removing heat.
Unlike HFC-227ea, FK-5-1-12 is a fluorinated ketone. Because FK-5-1-12 is not an HFC, it is generally considered more environmentally friendly. When it comes to environmental impact, the key difference between the two chemicals is their global warming potential (GWP). NovecTM 1230 has a lower global warming potential than FM200.


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Product Brochure
TypeFire Alarm System
Packaging TypeBox
System typePre-Engineered System
MaterialCarbon Steel
Environment Temp21
Fire Suppression TypePipeline, Fire Extinguisher, Cylinder
CertificationUL/ LPCB/ CE/ ISO

Gas suppression systems are able to combat fires automatically in sensitive areas where it is best to avoid using water. They protect life and can prevent costly water damage to equipment, saving you money. They work by releasing clean agent or inert gases into the building at the point of smoke detection.

These agents work by releasing the gas into the air, starving the fire of oxygen or heat and eliminating it. This either lowers the oxygen in the room or in some instances reduces the chemical reaction in the atmosphere, cooling the fire enough to dissipate and prevent spread.

They extinguish fire by reducing the core heat of the fire, isolating the fuel source, reducing and cutting off the fires access to oxygen and by reducing the chemical reaction that causes more combustion to occur.

A fire alarm system is a building system designed to detect and alert occupants and emergency forces of the presence of smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or other fire-related emergencies. Fire alarms systems are required in most commercial buildings.

Panel Flooding System

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Product Brochure
Fire Suppression TypeFire Extinguisher
Fire Fighting System TypeFire Suppression Systems
Capacity1-9 kg
Usage/ApplicationElectrical fire suppression systems
Firetrace1-9 kg

Novec 1230 gas based electrical Panels gas flooding system.

  • Keep your premises safe from the damaging effects of fire hazards by installing Honeywell’s Electrical Cabinet Suppression (ECS) System. As a fully automatic and pre-engineered suppression system, it comes in two variants of Indirect Low Pressure (ILP) and Direct Low Pressure (DLP).

Trace Tube Based Fire Suppression System

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Product Brochure
Capacity2 kg
MaterialMild Steel
Fire ClassC
BrandFire Engineering Technology
TypeFire Extinguisher
Environment Temp21 Degree C
Fire Suppression TypeFire Extinguisher
Operating Temperature Limit100 Degree C
Discharge Range2 mtr
Burst Pressure25 Bar
Discharge Time10 Sec

FET is manufacturing Flexible Polymer Tube Based Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression System.

Other Detail:

  • Novec 1230 Filled cylinder fitted with Direct Low Pressure Valve.
  • Fire Detection Tube (10 Mtr)
  • End Of Line Adopter.
  • Special Fabricated Bracket.
  • Special Attachement for Fire Detection Tube.

3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection

  • Foil Print

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Product Brochure
Capacity10 kg
Fire ClassA, B & C
Fire Extinguisher TypeNovec1230
Usage/ApplicationFor Industrial Use
MaterialMild Steel
Burst Pressure15 Bar
Discharge Time10 sec
Working Pressure42 Bar
Temperature Range21 Degree C

3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is a clean agent fire extinguisher which was developed as a halon extinguisher replacement and hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) alternative. It belongs to a family of chemicals called halocarbons, a group which includes HFCs and fluoroketones.

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Fire Suppression Systems Electrical Panel

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Product Brochure
BrandFET/ Fire Finder/ Firedetec/ FIRETRACE
Packaging TypeContainer
MaterialCarbon Steel
Environment Temp21
Fire Suppression TypeCylinder, Pipeline, Fire Extinguisher

ELECTRICAL CABINET SUPPRESSIONA complete fully automatic and pre-engineered suppression system

Electrical fire hazards are shockingly common. They’re responsible for 13% of non-home structure fires and they cannot be extinguished with water. To get a reliable protection from electrical fires, explore FET’s Electrical Cabinet Suppression (ECS) System – a world-class offering from the world leader in fire safety solutions.
Cause of electrical fire :
Overloading or overheating of components
Defective electrical connections
Electrical malfunctioning
Electrical surges
Fatigue/end of life of electrical wires
Incorrect installation
Faulty equipment

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Fire Suppression Systems Electrical Panel.

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Electrical Room Panel - Fire Safety

₹ 50000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Capacity4 Kg
Fire ClassC
MaterialCarbon Steel
Fire Extinguisher TypeNovec-1230
Alarm Volume50 DB
Relay OutputsTrouble Relay, Alarm Relay
Alarm Indication Typepressure drop
Control KeysSystem Reset, Evacuate, Mute Buzzer
Country of OriginMade in India

How Are Electrical Circuits Protected From Fires? Circuit breakers, circuit interrupters, and fire-resistant materials are all defenders against electric circuit fires. Circuit breakers are automatic safety devices that protect electrical circuits.
Ensure the normal operation of power system is very important in modern society. Whether it is the production of factories, communication and network services, transportation, hospitals and medical tasks, when the power supply is interrupted by problems with electricity and related facilities, all work will come to a halt. The time required to return to normal from a fire can range from tens of minutes to days or even up to several months, and the damage can be incalculable.

Firetrace Suppression systems do not require electricity, instead it detects heat using specially designed tubing that can be installed anywhere a fire might start. When Firetrace Gas Suppression system detects either heat and flames, the tubing bursts open, activating the system.

When the detection tubing bursts, there is a pressure change in the suppression system which activates a valve, releasing the gas or powder suppression agent stored in the cylinder. Firetrace systems are automatically actuated and do not require manual operation, unlike fire extinguishers, but, systems can still be manually operated by pushing a button called the manual release.

automatic fire suppression system for home

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Capacity4 Kg
MaterialMetal alloy
Fire Extinguisher Typeclean agent
Alarm Volume50 db
Relay OutputsAlarm Relay
Control KeysSystem Reset, Evacuate, Mute Buzzer
Country of OriginMade in India

Automatic fire suppression systems control and extinguish fires without human intervention. Examples of automatic systems include fire sprinkler system, gaseous fire suppression, and condensed aerosol fire suppression.


₹ 90000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Service typeMaintenance
Service LocationINDIA
Connection1/4 inch BSP
MaterialStainless Steel

Minimum order quantity: 5 Piece

End of Line adapter with Pressure gauge for Automatic fire suppression tube used for fitting at the end of the tube for pressurizing and re pressurizing the tube. Fitting made by brass (plated / unplated), Stainless steel, Elastomeric Sealings, Copper Nickle plated, Temperature range TS -20 Deg C till + 60 Deg C, Maximum working pressure 25 Bars, made as per PED Pressure Equipment Directives.


fm 200 fire suppression system

₹ 55000/Piece Get Latest Price

Fire Fighting System TypeFire Suppression Systems
Body MaterialMS
Installation Services RequiredYES
DesignNFPA 2001

FM-200 is a clean agent fire suppressant for Class A, B, and C fires. It's a colorless, non-toxic gas that leaves no residue. For these reasons, it's an ideal solution for protecting high-value assets in areas that are occupied and in locations where the cleanup of other agents is problematic.


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