Novec 1230 System

Our product range includes a wide range of direct low pressure fire suppression system, novec 1230 fire system, electrical panels co2 gas flooding system, hfc227ea clean agent fire extinguishers and fire suppression system for server room cost.

Direct Low Pressure Fire Suppression System

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Product Brochure
TypeCylinder, Direct, FIRETRACE TUBE SYSTEM, Fire Extinguisher
Fire ClassA, B, C
MaterialMild Steel
Usage/ApplicationEnclosure System
Operating Temperature Limit120 Degree C
Discharge Range2 mtr
Discharge Time10 sec
Working Pressure15 Bar
Capacity2 kg
Warranty3 Years
Automation GradeAutomatic

- Automatic gas suppression system for electrical panels.
- Linear Pneumatic heat detection tube based system.
- also called firetrace tube based system
- Novec-1230 gas based system
- FK-5-1-12 clean agent gas based system
- FM-200 gas based system
- HFC227ea clean agent gas based system
- Master control Unit
- Pressure Switch
- clean agent system
- gas based systems
- UL approved gas based fire suppression sysem

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Novec 1230 Fire system

₹ 45500/Set Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Fire Fighting System TypeFire Suppression Systems
Usage/Applicationelectrical room & server room
Pressure15/25/42 bar
No. of Cylindersany
Cylinder Heightas per capacity
Cylinder Diameteras per capacity
Operating Temperature100
Coverage Areaas require
Nozzle Materialbrass

Novec 1230 fluid is available to protect most hazards traditionally protected with halon 1301. The physical properties of each halon alternative determine how much agent is required to provide an equivalent level of protection.
Novec 1230 fluid will require approximately twice as much agent by weight as the equivalent halon system, although end use design concentrations will be similar, resulting in minimal increases in storage space for the containers.
It is likely that any existing pipework would need to be replaced or at least supplemented, although the exact requirement for any particular system can only be determined after a detailed review of the existing installation.
Room Integrity Testing
Room Integrity Testing has become an important feature of the commissioning of gaseous fire fighting systems. The integrity test is performed to check that enclosures can maintain a sufficient extinguishing agent concentration for the required time following discharge.
This time may vary according to the hazard and the available response time for the emergency services although 10 minutes is often considered to be an acceptable period.

Room integrity testing is now a requirement of ISO 14520 and NFPA 2001 at the commissioning stage and may form part of an on-going maintenance schedules.

Novec 1230 Fire Suppression System. When fire breaks out in server rooms, data centres, museums and other sensitive environments, sometimes the solution can be as damaging as the fire. Gielle’s fire suppression system with Novec 1230 uses an inert carbon-based chemical that powerfully fights fire yet is safe for property, people, and to the environment. It looks like water but doesn’t cause the damage normally associated with water because it contains no moisture. The result is lower repair bills and less impact on business. Novec 1230 has no harmful impact on the environment. It has an atmospheric lifetime of only five days while the closest chemical alternative has an atmospheric life time of 33–36 years. Federal Government regulations for Ozone Depleting Substances and Synthetic Greenhouse Gases (ODS and SGG), places usage restrictions on chemicals that are defined as controlled substances due to their potential to harm the atmospheric environment. As an environmentally safe inert carbon-based chemical, Novec 1230 is exempt from this legislation.

Electrical Panels CO2 Gas flooding system

₹ 90000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
TypeCo2 Flooding System
Fire Suppression TypeFire Extinguisher
Automation GradeSemi-Automatic
Capacity2/ 4.5/ 9/ 22.5 & 45 KG
Usage/ApplicationElectrical Panels Gas Flooding System
Extinguishing AgentCO2
BrandFIREFINDER/ Innovex
Cylinder HeightAs per Capacity
DesignNFPA 12

PRE ENGINEERED SYSTEMSElectrical Cabinets Panel Flooding System IHP

Carbon dioxide gas panel flooding systems is based on creating an extinguishing concentration of CO2 within an enclosed space containing the combustible materials. The quantity of CO2 is determined by applying an appropriate flooding factor to the volume being protected with proper enclosing.


The detection tube just triggers the valve when it detects a fire. The extinguishing agent discharges through a conventional outlet port. A fixed supply of CO2 is permanently connected to a fixed CO2 piping and discharge nozzles are arranged to discharge CO2 into the protected space.


  • The detection is through the sensor/detection tube and discharge is through a separate delivery nozzle.

  • It is the most effective suppression configuration.

  • It covers a large area.

  • It allows quicker discharge of extinguishing agent.

Hfc227ea Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers

₹ 45000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Capacity4 Kg
Fire ClassClass B
Operating Temperature21
BrandFire Engineering Technology
Warranty5 Years
Discharge Time8-10sec
Fire Rating34 B, 55 B, 8 B, 13 B
Fire TypeA, B, C

FM-200 is the brand name for a fire suppression agent known as heptafluoropropane (chemical formula: C3HF7). It is a colorless, odorless gas that is used in fire suppression systems, especially in areas where water-based fire suppression could damage sensitive equipment, such as data centers, telecommunications facilities, and museums.

Here are some key points about FM-200:

  • Environmentally Friendly: FM-200 is considered an environmentally friendly fire suppression agent because it has zero ozone depletion potential and a relatively short atmospheric lifetime.
  • Safe for Occupied Spaces: FM-200 is safe for use in occupied spaces when used in accordance with the recommended design concentrations. It extinguishes fires primarily by removing heat and does not significantly reduce oxygen levels.
  • Rapid Extinguishing: FM-200 systems are designed to release the agent in less than 10 seconds, which can quickly suppress a fire before it can spread.
  • No Residue: FM-200 leaves no residue after discharge, which means minimal cleanup and no damage to sensitive equipment.
  • Space and Weight Efficient: FM-200 systems require less storage space compared to other fire suppression systems, making them suitable for locations with space constraints.
  • Applications: FM-200 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including data centers, telecommunications, medical facilities, and more.
  • Regulations: FM-200 is approved for use by many international organizations and complies with various standards and regulations.

It’s important to note that while FM-200 is effective and has many advantages, it’s essential to ensure that any fire suppression system is designed, installed, and maintained by professionals to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

fire suppression system for server room cost

₹ 50000/Piece Get Latest Price

Fire Fighting System TypeCo2 Flooding System
Pressure25/42 BAR
Nozzle MaterialBRASS

Inert gas fire suppression systems for server room and Data Centres - Reduce Oxygen. This method uses Argon/Nitrogen and sometimes a small element of CO2 to displace the oxygen in the server room. The basis of this method is to reduce the oxygen level to below 15%.


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