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Fire suppression systems are used to extinguish, control, or in some cases, entirely prevent fires from spreading or occurring. Fire suppression systems have an incredibly large variety of applications, and as such, there are many different types of suppression systems for different applications being used today. Of these, there are some that are still in use but are no longer legal to manufacture and produce.[1]

Suppression systems[edit]

Fire suppression systems are governed by the codes under the National Fire Protection Association, also known as the NFPA. This organization writes codes, regulations, and recommendations on the proper installation and maintenance of these fire suppression systems. Likewise, the NFPA also lists criteria that must be met for the requirements of certain types of fire suppression systems.[2]

Indirect Low Pressure Valve

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Capacity9 kg
Fire ClassC
MaterialMild Steel
BrandFire Engineering Technology
Automation GradeManual
Pressure20 Bar
Temperature-20 Degree C to + 55 Degree C

We are one of the leading wholesaler traders of Indirect Low Pressure Valve for Fire Suppression System. Our indirect release systems use heat and flame sensitive Firetrace Detection Tubing as a fire detection and system activation device, not as the discharge tube.

flexible polymer tube based automatic Novec-1230 gas suppression system manufacturer & Supplier in 

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Novec-1230 gas suppression system supplier.

Fire Finder Kitchen Suppression Systems

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TypeKitchen Fire Protection SYstem
Capacity9 Litre
Fire ClassF & K
MaterialStainless steel
Pressure20 Bar

Kitchen Fire Extinguishing System,

MANUFACTURER Kitchen Fire Extinguishing System.

Fire suppression system Sonipat, Novec 1230 gas flooding system in Sonipat, Kitchen fire suppression system Sonipat, Automatic fire detection and suppression Sonipat, Fire protection system Sonipat, FM 200 fire suppression system Sonipat, Clean agent gas flooding system Sonipat, Clean agent firetrace tubing system Sonipat.

Fire suppression system Panchkula, Novec 1230 gas flooding system in Panchkula, Kitchen fire suppression system Panchkula, Automatic fire detection and suppression Panchkula, Fire protection system Panchkula, FM 200 fire suppression system Panchkula, Clean agent gas flooding system Panchkula, Clean agent firetrace tubing system Panchkula.

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Fire suppression system Kaithal, Novec 1230 gas flooding system in Kaithal, Kitchen fire suppression system Kaithal, Automatic fire detection and suppression Kaithal, Fire protection system Kaithal, FM 200 fire suppression system Kaithal, Clean agent gas flooding system Kaithal, Clean agent firetrace tubing system Kaithal,

Co2 Fire Extinguishing System

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Product Brochure
TypeCo2 Flooding System
Packaging TypeSet
System typePre-Engineered System
BrandINNOVEX 1230
MaterialCarbon Steel
Environment Temp21
Fire Suppression TypeCylinder, Fire Extinguisher, Pipeline
CertificationUL / FM/ CE

There are a few different types of agents that are used in a suppression system to suppress the fire. In server rooms and environments where you have personnel working in the area, you will usually find clean agent or inert gas suppression systems. In environments where there are few personnel or none at all, you will typically find CO2 fire suppression systems. The areas that you’ll find CO2 fire suppression systems include engine rooms, generator rooms, power stations, flammable liquid storage rooms, and around large industrial machines.

While CO2 fire suppression systems are highly effective at suppressing fires, the CO2 agent also poses a health risk when compared to the other agents. For this reason, you’ll find CO2 fire suppression systems most often in non-occupied environments.

How does a CO2 Fire Suppression System Put Out a Fire?

A fire needs oxygen, fuel, and heat to continue to burn. By eliminating one of these three elements, a fire can be suppressed or extinguished. While some suppression agents reduce the heat of the fire, a CO2 fire suppression system eliminates the oxygen to suppress the fire. When the suppression system detects smoke or fire, it then releases the CO2 agent into the space it is protecting. The CO2 level in the space quickly increases as the oxygen level quickly drops causing the fire to be suppressed or extinguished.


CO2 is a colorless, odorless, and electrically non-conductive gas that leaves no residue behind. This means any sensitive equipment that is in the protected space is not damaged by the CO2, which reduces downtime and costs. Once the CO2 has dispersed to safe levels from the protected space, personnel can access any damage from the fire or smoke and quickly get back to work with no cleanup needed.

Vehicle Fire Suppression System

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Product Brochure
Fire Fighting System TypeFire Suppression Systems
Fire Extinguisher TypeBC Dry Powder
Capacity10 KG
CertificationCE AS PER DGMS
Body MaterialMS
Installation Services RequiredYES
Country of OriginMade in India

  • A vehicle suppression system is a fire extinguishing system installed in a vehicle engine compartment or anywhere else that presents a risk of fire. These systems are designed to discharge a dry or wet chemical extinguishing agent. They can use spot-type heat detectors or linear detection tubing.

automatic kitchen hood fire suppression

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Fire Fighting System TypeCo2 Flooding System
Usage/ApplicationFIRE PROTECTION
Installation Services RequiredYES
Automation GradeAUTOMATIC

Kitchen Fire Suppression system is capable of automatic detection and actuation and/or remote manual actuation. This means that kitchen staff – who often will be alert to the danger before the automatic function kicks in – will be able to activate the system quickly, meaning the fire is dealt with even faster!


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