Auto Fire Protection System

Fire suppression systems are used to extinguish, control, or in some cases, entirely prevent fires from spreading or occurring. Fire suppression systems have an incredibly large variety of applications, and as such, there are many different types of suppression systems for different applications being used today. Of these, there are some that are still in use but are no longer legal to manufacture and produce.

Clean agent based fire suppression system,
FM-200 gas fire suppression system,
HFC227ea Gas fire suppression system,
Novec-1230 gas fire suppression system,
FK-5-1-12 Gas fire suppression system,
CO2 Gas fire suppression system,
Kitchen Fire suppression system,
Vehicle Fire suppression system.


₹ 107000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Fire Fighting System TypeFire Suppression Systems
Packaging TypeSet
System typeKitchen Fire Suppression System
MaterialCarbon Steel
Environment Temp135
Fire Suppression TypeFire Extinguisher, Cylinder, Pipeline
Operating Temperature Limit140+
Working Pressure15 BAR
Cylinder Size10L
Working Temp150
Cylinder Volume10L
Discharge Time7-10 SEC
Filling Density80%
Power230V AC
Automation GradeAutomatic
Spray Duration10 SEC
Model Name/NumberAFX-P
Suppression SystemKITCHEN FIRE
Chemical AgentWET CHEMICAL
Installation Services RequiredYes

AutoFireX® ILP- Indirect Low-Pressure Clean Agent Systems are primarily Pre-Engineered Automatic Fire detection and suppression System utilising various Low-pressure agents like, ABC Dry Chemical Powder, Foam, Clean agents (HFC227ea, FK 5-1-12, FE36). These Units are designed, manufactured, and tested in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities

The AutoFireX Linear Pneumatic Fire Detection Tubing (FDT) is installed and connected to ILP Valve via dual seal threaded union attached to the isolation ball valve and routed over/near the protected hazard area/enclosure. Being heat sensitive, the primary function of Linear Pneumatic Fire Detection Tube (under pressure) is to detect heat/fire and activate the valve for discharge of the agent by rupturing at the hottest point along its installed length on flame impingement. On rupture due to loss of pressure in the tube connected to the valve, the pressure from the top head assembly of the ILP valve is released (this can also be achieved by manual activation via operating manual release) thereby initiating internal piston to open position, allowing the pressurised agent to travel through any or combination of three outlet ports via delivery hose/pipes and discharge out from the fixed nozzles, within the protected area, flooding the entire area with the agent and suppressing the fire instantly.

CNC Machines Fire Suppression System

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Product Brochure
Capacity5 kg
BrandFire Engineering Technology
Packaging TypeBox
MaterialCarbon Steel
Working Pressure25 Bar
Temperature120 Degree C
Filling Density0.68 kg/m3

Server fire suppression system : 

The three-level protection that a data center requires:

  1. Building level fire protection: 

The first level of fire protection is to protect the employees and building from fire. Water sprinklers and handheld extinguishers are key components of fire protection and suppression systems. Installing a fire extinguisher from a well-known fire extinguisher distributor on every floor and training the employees about how to use the fire extinguisher and what escape route to follow when a fire breaks out helps to save many lives. Some passive fire protection that includes firewalls and fire-rated floor assemblies can restrict the fire to spread and hence can easily be controlled and extinguished.

  1. Room level fire protection: 

Now it is time to protect the data center room from the fire. It can only be possible through a suitable fire alarm detection system. There must be smoke detectors and a Palladium zone 32 fire alarm system installed so that they can warn when the fire is in its initial stage and appropriate steps can be adopted to save the data center. Installing water sprinklers also helps in extinguishing small fires but the water can cause as much damage to servers and hard drives as fire can so it is advisable to always go for gas sprinklers.

This gaseous system can be an inert gas or clean agent gas. An inert gas is the mixture of nitrogen and argon gases as they help in decreasing oxygen levels in the room thus put the fire to an end. But special design nozzles are required to muffle the powerful sound given off when the inert system activates. 

Clean agent gases are electrically non-corrosive, non-conductive, and leave no residue upon evaporation. This makes them the ideal fire suppression agents in data centers. Just like the water system this system works. These systems are known as total flood or engineered systems.

  1. Rack Level Fire Protection

The last level is to protect specific equipment. Some equipment is valued at more than 50% of the cost of the room so it creates the special need to protect the equipment at the rack level to save money and investment. So to protect them from any damage, special fast sensors are being installed near to the equipment so that if any unusual situation rises then it detects within seconds and suppresses it before the total flood system activates. So this helps to prevent the damage caused by fire and water.

Heat Sensing Tube Suppression System

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₹ 34000/Set Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Capacity2 kg
BrandAR Suppression
Packaging TypeSTANDARD
Usage/ApplicationElectrical Panel
MaterialMild Steel
Environment Temp21 Degree C
Operating Temperature Limit100 Degree C
Working Pressure15 Bar
Density0.67 kg/ Cube m
Discharge Time10 Sec
Effective Range2 mtr
Purity99.9 %
Storage Pressure35 Bar
Automation GradeAutomatic
Model Name/NumberFETFF05

Minimum order quantity: 2 Set

Linear pneumatic HEAT detection tube based Fire suppression systems.

The scope covers Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Automatic Clean Agent Flooding System complete for electrical panels with Fire Finder tube, cylinder, valves, integration with Main Fire Alarm Control Panel for status monitoring etc. The work to be executed by authorized & certified Fire Finder installer shall cover: i. Providing Direct Panel Gas Flooding System with linear Fire Finder tube inside the panels. ii. Arrangement of Clean Gas Agent for flooding inside the panels. iii. Audio-visual annunciation devices for indicating incidence of fire. iv. Any other item required to the successful commissioning of the system.


We are one of the Biggest Manufacturers of Fire Suppression System. We Provide Pan India Service for Fire Suppression System. We have our happy clients who are totally satisfied with the quality of our Fire Suppression System. Our Fire Suppression System are of Heavy Build Quality. Our Fire Suppression System is certified by CE and UL .

Automatic Fire Detection And Suppression Systems

₹ 75000/Set Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Capacity2-45 Kg
Usage/ApplicationMining, commercial and on road vehicles
Fire Extinguisher TypeDCP Powder suppression system
Service LocationIndia
Service Duration10-15 DAYS
Service ModeOffline
Service TypeFire Suppression Systems

Minimum order quantity: 1 Set

Dcp powder based indirect valve fitted tube based automatic fire detection and suppression system as per dgms norm for safety of mining trucks fully reliable system more than 50 installation over india.

Other Detail:

  • Easy installation
  • Easy to maintain a proven technology from last 10 years.

Automatic Fire Suppression System

₹ 55000/Piece Get Latest Price

Capacity4 Kg
Fire ClassClass C
Operating Temperature100-120
Fire Rating13 B, 8 B
Fire TypeC, B, A
Warranty2 YEAR
Discharge Time8-10sec

  • Fire suppression systems and evacuation alarms are installed throughout the laboratory and activated by heat and smoke. The sprinkler systems are designed to contain fires and prevent small fires from growing into large one. Portable fire extinguishers are required in any area where chemicals are handled or stored.

Panel Protection System

₹ 45000/Piece Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Fire Fighting System TypeFire Suppression Systems
CertificationUL/ CE/ PESO
Installation Services RequiredYES
Automation GradeAUTOMATIC


An engineered fire suppression system offers the highest level of protection. They are designed to blanket an entire room in a clean agent whenever a fire is detected. For rooms that have multiple electrical panels or other equipment like data centers that needs to be protected from fire and water, engineered systems are often the best choice.

Instead of using water to suppress a fire, engineered systems use clean, non-conductive agents like FM-200™ or 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid. This is important in cases of electrical fire, since water can cause damage to equipment or conduct electricity.

Pre-engineered fire systems are the next level of protection available. They are ideal for small enclosures, like an electrical cabinet or precision machines. When looking at the different types of clean agent fire suppression systems, these solutions are often chosen. These systems utilize fire detection tubing that burst from the heat or flames. In the case of a pre-engineered direct system, the clean agent is delivered directly through burst hole. The indirect pre-engineered systems, delivers the suppression agent through strategically placed nozzles. When using clean agent, the fire is suppressed without damaging the electrical components or machinery they protect.

Stand alone fire suppression system is perhaps a bit of a misnomer, since this term refers to individual devices that contain fire suppression mechanisms that are not linked to a bigger system. For example, FlexRope by Firetrace is an innovative and unique product that is the first stand alone fire suppression solution for electrical cabinets. It is a low-cost, easy-to-install, no-maintenance fire protection solution that is designed to protect enclosures as large as 35 cubic feet. This stand alone device is a simple solution to prevent electrical fires in a cabinet or panel from spreading to the entire building.


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